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MECHMACS© - Mechanical Blockset for MATLAB®/Simulink®

  • MECHMACS was initially developed in 1994 by Ingenieurbüro Fischer in Munich for the modeling of mechanical driveline systems in Simulink
  • The current Version 2.2+001 of the Blockset contains models for elastic blocks, clutches, engines, gear boxes, special blocks and Examples
  • Version 2.2+001 was adapted to and tested with MATLAB/Simulink Release 14
  • A Datasheet is available

    MECHMACS Example

    The block equations are derived from Lagrangian equations of the second kind to satisfy force equilibrium and energy conservation.
    Lagrangian equation of 2nd kind
    All blocks are user readable as S-functions in MATLAB-code or as block diagrams.

    An option called MECHMACS-C is available. The S-functions for all blocks except animation were coded in C to reduce simulation time.
    The source code is included to allow user modifications. MECHMACS-C requires a standard MECHMACS license.

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