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Consulting & Design

CAE of electrical/electronic circuits and devices


Software vendors

SPICE, SPICE-derivatives (PSpice, IsSpice, etc.), User Groups

Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation

Computer-Aided Engineering (general)

Consulting, Modeling
  • DAnalyse GmbH, Germany
    Analysis of electronic devices: measurement, characterization, modeling, fault analysis,
    reliability test, ageing and stressing, software engineering, technical consultation

  • Ingenieurbuero Edel, Germany (Edel Engineering)
    Design of switch-mode power supplies (SMPS); SMPS-Modeling for PSpice

  • Ingenieurbuero Haumer, Austria (ETH = Electrical Engineering and Technical Consulting Haumer)
    Design of electrical machines, drive systems; simulation of electromagnetical, mechanical and thermal behavior

Freeware, shareware
  • ELSIE: Passive LC filter design and network analysis program

  • PUFF: Computer-aided design program for microwave circuits

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